Areas Where AI Will Help the Hotel Industry Do Better
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It’s telling that, at the recent Americas Lodging Investment Summit, the two experts on stage to discuss what artificial intelligence could mean for the hospitality industry were not hoteliers but rather executives from Google and Expedia. This at one of the largest gatherings of hospitality industry leaders in the Americas.

That reflects that hotels are behind the AI curve, especially compared to Google and Expedia, which have been developing and testing AI capabilities for years, according to PwC partner and hospitality and leisure technology consulting lead Ali Abidi, who moderated the panel.

This fact isn’t lost on hoteliers, either, who still lament that they didn’t foresee the impact online travel agencies, which launched in the mid-1990s, would have on their businesses. According to PwC’s 2017 Global Digital IQ survey of IT and business leaders, two-thirds of respondents from the hospitality and leisure industry said they were making substantial investments in AI, more than any other industry surveyed; 80 percent planned substantial investments within three years.

While AI may seem like the new tech craze, its greatest impact in the hotel industry will be in areas hoteliers have already been contemplating for years.

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