Will AI Redefine Buyer-Supplier Dynamics?
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Corporate travel buyers and suppliers have been at the same impasse for a long time. In short, how do they negotiate pricing and agreements and still accomplish goals? The situation presents problems on both sides. Buyers need to ensure availability and service levels for their travelers at good rates; suppliers need to protect inventory to ensure goods go to the highest bidders and that the companies—and shareholders—make money. We’re not just talking about corporate business, here; meetings, groups and leisure travel factor into the equation, too.

Corporate relationships matter. But, especially in revenue management circles, they don’t necessarily translate into optimized quarterly performance. In the most difficult circumstances, promises made on the sales side can’t be fulfilled on the revenue management side and may not be communicated at all. It leaves buyers and suppliers in a tough place. Could artificial intelligence change this most fundamental issue? Well … maybe.

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