Delta's Corporate Airfares Rose in Q1 but Still Lag 2014 Peak
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Delta has increased corporate airfares as it experiences its "strongest revenue momentum since 2014," although those fares remain significantly below their previous peak, Delta president Glen Hauenstein said in the carrier's first-quarter-earnings call.

In the first quarter, corporate revenue growth accelerated across all regions and rose 7 percent overall year over year, he said. Domestic fares increased 2.8 percent but have clawed back only a quarter of the decline that had occurred since their peak in 2014. Delta is working to push those up in the second quarter and beyond. "The dynamics competitively, domestically, have changed a lot over the last couple of years, but we don't see any real impediment to be able to get back there over time," Hauenstein said. "Every day we are working to get those up, and it's at a market level and an understanding-our-customers-better level."

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