Study Shows Savings Through Virtual Payments
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From Business Travel Executive:

Virtual payment solutions for business travel not only help travelers and streamline accounting processes, but also have an immediate impact on direct costs, according to a new HRS white paper called “Savings Through Transparency.” HRS is a hotel booking portal. The report reveals that the average room price of booked overnight stays in hotels decreases by 12 percent on average after a central, virtual payment solution is introduced. With these solutions, companies receive and settle hotel invoices centrally and with no need for paper. A credit card generated at the time of booking settles the hotel invoice; the traveler does not need to pay ahead or figure out travel expense reports. As a result, this gives companies full transparency on all lodging spend, down to item line level. Christian Gall, vice president of payment solutions for HRS, said the study shows that the transparency created by virtual payment solutions appears to steer travelers toward less expensive hotels.