Don Murphy
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Senior Vice President

don2_imgDon Murphy has more than 40 years of experience in the global meetings and travel industry.

Don cut his teeth in the travel industry at Pan American World Airways before joining the special service team in corporate reservations for Air France.

After his early career at the airlines, Don became Corporate Travel Manager and Corporate Meetings Manager at Bristol-Myers Corporation.

When Bristol-Myers acquired the Squibb Corporation and became Bristol-Myers Squibb Corporation, Don was promoted to the Director of Global Meetings and Travel, and eventually to Vice President Global Meetings, Travel & Staff Services. Don consolidated 83 TMCs down to a single company, reduced global travel and meeting expenditures from more than $500 million (to $300 million), and established best-in-class use of self-booking tools for transient and meetings for air, hotel, ground and registration.

Don also managed the in-house meetings team, which sourced and managed 300 programs annually -- ranging in size from 200-7,000 attendees. In addition, he was responsible for global RFP’s for car rental, hotel, an automated travel and expense system, credit card programs, travel policy, and small meetings management.

Don’s other responsibilities included fleet management, relocation services, headquarter procurement, real estate and food services.

Throughout his career, Don has been an active participant in various industry advisory boards including those of American, Continental, US Airways, Avis and Marriott.

He is a graduate of St. John’s University Business School, and both vendors and peers respect him as an expert in the meetings and travel industry.

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