On-line Booking Tools
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The elimination of most agency commissions has resulted in the need to reduce the agency transaction fee, and the use of an Online Booking Tool has resulted in a reduced fee and often

increased policy compliance.  There are several vendors offering an OBT and the selection requires due diligence in matching company culture, travel agency back-office tools and other criteria in the selection of an OBT. Partnership Travel Consulting has extensive experience in this area, and can also support the implementation and training on the use of the selected tool.

In addition, PTC can offers clients an online tutorial that has been customized based on the features and policy their OBT has been programmed for.  You can post the tutorials to your company intranet so they can be accessed from any computer with internet access.  Anytime the user needs to have their memory refreshed, or your company has deployed a new feature or policy requirement, the online tutorial is there to assist them.  Each tutorial runs less than 3 minutes.  PTC will create an entire set of training tutorials that meet the demands of your comapny.