Corporate Aviation Consulting
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The decision to acquire, or lease, and subsequently operate a corporate aircraft and/or an aviation department should be the direct result of a comprehensive professional evaluation of a corporations or individuals travel objectives.

Recognizing the complexities involved, a majority of corporations and individuals turn to outside sources to conduct a professional evaluation of their travel patterns and transportation requirements due to time constraints or a shortage on internal personal experienced in this field.

PTC works hand-in-hand with its clients to provide an objective and comprehensive analysis and evaluation of their specific needs. This is accomplished by utilizing PTC's highly experienced consultants with extensive experience in assisting clients achieve their goals.

Areas of proven expertise include:

Flight Department Development

  • Flight department formation and management
  • Infrastructure expansion / contraction
  • Fleet planning
  • Aircraft acquisition
  • Total mobility integration
  • Developing corporate governance policies including personal use of company aircraft and group executive travel

Flight Department Operations Management

  • Streamline business and operational processes
  • Analyze and strengthen internal controls
  • Supplier selection and negotiations
  • Effectively manage and control expenses
  • Comprehensive aircraft utilization review
  • Globalization of operations

People Resources

  • People asset reviews
  • Career path development
  • Comprehensive position descriptions
  • Director of Aviation / Chief Pilot mentoring

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