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Partnership Travel Consulting recognizes that it has a social responsibility commitment to the sustainment of our natural resources and a requirement to address climate change.  Many of our clients have established sustainability programs, and as such, look to PTC to do the same.  This is especially true as we conduct business in the travel and aviation industry where sustainability can have an important impact on our lives.

As a U.S. government contractor, PTC has agreed to comply with certain sustainability laws, rules, regulations and directives in the conduct of our business, applicable to SIN 599-1 Travel Consultant Services, as a condition of our GSA Multiple Award Schedule Contracts.

PTC Commitment

1. Carbon Footprint Reduction

When traveling, PTC consultants will do their best to use hotels, air, car and train providers that protect and sustain the world's natural and cultural resources.


PTC recommends that consultants utilize the Sabre Eco-Certified Hotel Program that is clearly distinguished in the Sabre GDS and GetThere booking tool, where available. There are over 9,000 qualified hotels that meet standards that closely align with those set by the Partnership for Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria.

Air, Rail and Public Transportation

When utilizing air, rail and public transportation ensure that the most efficient means of transportation is utilized.  For example, it may be more environmentally sound to use the train in Europe versus air transportation. When renting a car, utilize an economy, compact or hybrid car.

2. Paper Products – Recycling and Reuse

PTC policy is to discourage the use of paper products in the conducing of our business.  If paper is necessary, only recycled paper products should be purchase and used paper products.  If paper products are destroyed, place them in recycling containers.

3. Electronic Transmission of Documents

PTC consultants should use electronic submission for all documents.  This includes email, RFP submissions, Client RFP’s for services and products, as well as contracts. For the transmission of documents use eFax or eSignature. 

4. Electronic Equipment

When ordering electronic equipment, all PTC consultant purchases should be energy efficient and environmentally friendly.  This includes computers, laptops, printers/scanners, etc.  This policy includes servers and other electronic equipment located in the data warehouse.


This PTC Sustainability Policy has been posted on the PTC web-site.


PTC periodically reviews this Sustainability Policy for changes in laws, rules, regulations, directives, or best practices, as a requirement of its appointment as a Government contractor.  Any revisions will be accomplished and forwarded to our PTC consultants in a timely manner.