Global Air Travel Demand Growth Slowed in April
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From Business Travel News:

Global air travel demand rose 6.2 percent year over year in April, according to the International Air Transport Association, compared with March 2018's 9.7 percent. IATA attributed the slowdown to 2017 conditions that skewed the year-over-year comparisons, such as the comparatively late timing of Easter, rather than to any notable change in traffic. Global capacity increased 5.9 percent, and global load factor rose a 0.2 percentage points to 82.3 percent, a record for April.

International air travel demand rose 4.8 percent year over year in April; capacity rose 4.9 percent, and load factor fell a 0.1 percentage points to 81.4 percent.Domestic air travel demand rose 8.5 percent year over year; capacity rose 7.6 percent, and load factor rose a 0.7 percentage points to 84 percent.