Q3 Looks Positive for North American Hotels
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From Business Travel News:

Third-quarter bookings are up at North American hotels across both the business transient and group segments, according to TravelClick. Business transient bookings are up 4.6 percent from this same time last year, while group bookings are up 0.6 percent. Average daily rate, too, is up for both segments—3.8 percent for business transient and 0.6 percent for group. For the next 12 months, business transient bookings are up 1.8 percent and ADR is up 3.2 percent, while group bookings are up 0.8 percent and ADR is up 1.7 percent. The May North American Hospitality Review looks at group sales commitments and individual reservations in the 25 major North American markets for hotel stays booked by May 1, 2018, for the period of May 2018 to April 2019.