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Partnership Travel Consulting Partners with Fare Audit, Inc., CTS Systems, and Yapta
Written by PTC News Team
Monday, 18 July 2016 12:53
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Princeton, New Jersey, July 18, 2016 - Partnership Travel Consulting, LLC (PTC), a leading worldwide travel management consulting group, today announced it has partnered with CTS Systems, Fare Audit, Inc. and Yapta, to provide a portfolio of hotel compliance, rate integrity and commission management services under PTC's brand as HotelroomRx

  • CTS Systems Technology Will Automatically Collect, Manage Hotel Commissions for PTC's Corporate Clients
  • Fare Audit Technology Will provide Live PNR Hotel Compliance Auditing and Rate Integrity Validation
  • Yapta's IQ Technology Will Monitor Room Rates and Provide Real-time Data Insights and Analytics for Benchmarks and Best Practices
About Us
Written by Administrator
Tuesday, 29 March 2011 12:30
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By 2017, U.S. companies will spend more than $310 billion on business travel. More than ever, you need help controlling and reducing your business and meetings travel costs.

Partnership Travel Consulting (PTC), a travel management consulting group established in 2001, employs unrivaled expertise and best-in-class resources to help you:

  • Source and negotiate the best prices for air, hotel, car rental and limousine services
  • Assess and select travel agencies
  • Select, implement and measure the effectiveness of Online Booking Tools (OBTs)
  • Develop and review the effectiveness of corporate travel policies
  • Implement central management — and improved cost control — of corporate meetings
  • Assess and select risk management software to help ensure the safety of travelers
  • Select a corporate credit card system
  • Implement a Corporate Travel Department (CTD) to receive all commissions directly from travel suppliers and outsource services to travel agencies
  • Accurately audit the travel agency financial stream

Let our team of consultants — renowned experts from all sectors of the business travel industry — design these and other custom solutions for you. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Meet the team
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Mike Santacroce

Chief Technology Officer 

Nathalie Maréchal,

Partner, JK Associates Consulting

Paris-based Nathalie is a 20-year veteran of the European...

Brigitte Jakubowski

Partner, JK Associates Consulting

In 1994, Brigitte founded Paris-based JK Associates...

Don Munro

Vice President of Marketing & Communications

Don has nearly 30 years of experience working...

News & Reviews
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